Branding the first foreign institution to offer degrees in America

The exciting partnership between Technion and Cornell at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute in New York City made way for Israel’s leading university in Science and Technology to brand out. And as it happens, it was the first worldwide to do it just this way. Technion has no problem being first.

How do you revive a leader?

Schnapp batteries has been leading in local markets for many years but its image was starting to lack luster. Its been 15 years since we refreshed it… feels like it was yesterday.

Thinking inside the box

Design of the nanobible case presented a serious challenge: how do you showcase a grain of sand? (that’s how big the nanobible is).
Today the nanobible is on exhibit at the Vatican, the Smithsonian, and the Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem along side the dead sea scrolls.

There’s more to L’ORÉAL than hair

And beauty products of course. L’Oréal operates a Worldwide Education Network and we had the privilege of designing its brand framework.

Putting faith in people

Mortimer Zuckerman founded a fellowship program like no other, one that will enhance US-Israel ties, dialogue and understanding around one common goal – progress. And what better a way to do that than by investing in scholarship at its highest level. Three years in, the impact is already apparent and the program is rapidly expanding.

“Be youself, Everybody else is taken”… Wilde’s simple wit strums a chord with the identity stricken. Branding is identity after all.

If you haven’t heard about it, you will

We’ll do our darndest to make sure you do. And, if for no other reason, because it’s important!

And if for another reason, because not knowing the Prix Galien is like not knowing the Nobel Prize – not something you’d want to admit.

Israel’s Health Care Campus

An ultra-modern medical facility in the Northern City Haifa, Rambam HCC is an institution with an international reputation. Its trauma division is second to none and the hospital features the largest fortified underground hospital on the planet. Research at Rambam has yielded numerous world firsts including the cultivation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells, the pill endoscope, and the world’s first beating heart cells from stem cells. We’ve had the pride and pleasure to brand and work with this fantastic institution for well over a decade.

Tomorrow’s leader

Elie Wiesel was the quintessential carer for humanity. Profoundly preoccupied by morality, geopolitical futures and a better tomorrow, the foundation that carries his name is the global reference for a better, not a braver, world. It has been our honour and pleasure to work with the foundation especially on such vital initiatives as the Tomorrow’s Leaders Conferences.